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2021 Taipei Lantern Festival in Bangka

Bangka, which took root about three centuries ago, is considered the birthplace of Taipei.
It was one of imperial-era Taiwan’s three great towns, ranked in the old expression “First Tainan, second Lugang, third Bangka.”
Guiyang Street, today renowned as “Taipei’s first street,” enjoyed a long period of prosperity that has left it with a rich history and culture that the visitor can enjoy through its many heritage site and food treasures.

Seven Key Highlights

  1. First theme lantern in history able to dance, the “Cow God”
  2. Concert menu – Super-strong pop star lineup in relay-performance format
  3. With the accompaniment of international cartoon stars, this Lantern Festival is the most suitable ever for parent-child visits
  4. First time moved to Bangka – Deep exploration of the local lanes and alleys, traditional temples joining hands for New Year blessings
  5. Local and foreign artists are joining hands to create an international-caliber Lantern Festival
  6. Tradition vs Innovation – Seeing an all-new Bangka with all-new technology
  7. Wonderful from start to finish – The Carnival Parade will bring the whole of Bangka to raucous life
2021台北燈節在艋舺臉書粉絲團 2021台北燈節在艋舺Instargam 2021台北燈節在艋舺

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